Quick Healthy Weight Loss : Most Are Not Healthy. This Is...

When most of us talk about weight loss, we rarely even think about the health factors of the diets we pursue. There's those vomiting to lose weight, starving themselves half to death, so that their bodies get the wrong signals. This actually makes our bodies keep more of the weight on, because it they go into "survival mode". Some people just want to lose the fat at all costs. Look, I'll explain this in a simple way.

Yes, we all want to diet in a way that is quick, and if possible, easy. However, you also need to make sure that your health is a top priority. This is where the science of it all comes in to play. Because who wants to diet and lose weight if it isn't healthy? I thought we lost weight so that we could stay healthy.

When it comes to dieting, science is always best...


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