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*I think my cousin and I went to the best California public auto auction ever assembled. I could not believe the models they had for sale at the prices listed.

*Let me know the next time you go to the California auto auction near our house in Pittsburgh.

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When I made a visit to the West Coast, my Grandfather took me to one of the California automobile auctions that was being held that weekend. It was pretty nice.

When I asked my long distance cousin which dealership he bought his Ferrari at, I was shocked to hear he had went to a California public auto auction.

Japanese Car Auctions

By Jake W Johnson

It's long been known that the Japanese are a hard working and industrious nation that have contributed massively towards the growth of the global economy over the last few decades. This has also found expression in their car market as it is currently the largest in the world.

Citizens from nations around the world have started preferring vehicles manufactured in Japan as opposed to their domestic brands. The Japanese have built a solid reputation as manufacturers of not only durable and trustworthy autos, but also high performance vehicles that can stand their grounds. Among their well known brands are cars such as:

Honda and many more

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*If you ever need a new or used car, I would also suggest you take a trip to one of the Northern California auto auctions before you spend a red cent at a local dealership.

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