Quick Weight Lost : Was The Fat Lost? Probably Not......

When you made that New Years resolution, was that weight ever lost? I'm sure you had good intentions. You may have even borderline starved yourself to death. Remember the Alanis Morisette song, "Isn't It Ironic"? Think about it. We starve ourselves to shed our weight, but we end up struggling even harder to lose it. Ever wonder why?

Because when we starve our bodies, they go into "survival mode". If you were ever stuck in the desert, or in a snowstorm, you would thank your body for it. It would slow your metabolism down so that you would be able to see another day. Starving yourself is the excact thing you shouldn't do when trying to lose weight quickly. The pounds will never get lost. Science is a very interesting thing. To lose any extra fat, you have to make sure not to give your body any panic signs. Eat normally, Just watch what it is you eat.

Here's how it's all done...


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