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Amber couldn't get enough of cruising around in her new 7 series BMW. She saw an instant difference in how people treated her. It was as if she had accomplished some great feat or something. All of a sudden, everyone began to treat her as if she was some movie star or celebrity. She did not mind all the attention at all. As a matter of fact, she loved the fact that she was somewhat of a star, and she hardly paid anything at all for it. Guess where she got her beautiful luxury car...

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My brother Jake went to the other Michigan Auto Auction a few months ago. He bought the Corvette he has there, and has been a different person ever since.

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Negotiating Tips For Used Car Buying - 5 Gems That Can Knock Dollars Off Your Next Deal

By Denzil De Vries

Buying a used car is the way to go if you want to save money on the purchase price of your next vehicle. It may not have the security that a new car purchase has or many of the payment options but if saving money is your goal, it is definitely for you. Estimates suggest that for many makes of car, a new car can devalue in price by up to 30% in the first three years. And after that, it will steadily depreciate each year. However, if you are set on getting a used car you will be faced with other problems. One of these problems, that can make all the difference in getting a great deal or a stinker, is how you negotiate with the salesperson. This article will give you 5 negotiating tips for used car buying that can knock dollars off your next deal.

1. Do your research - decide on the make and model that you want and then learn as much as you can about it. Don't be persuaded away from this choice once you are in the car lots.

2. Don't get rushed or pushed out of your comfort zone by a salesperson - A good salesperson shouldn't make you uncomfortable. They are trying to match you needs with what they have to offer. If you feel they are not doing this then go somewhere else.

3. Remember that they have to sell plenty of cars but you only have to buy one. Supply will always outweigh your demands so don't think you will miss out on a deal or a special. Believe me there will be another special next week.

Those three pieces of advice are more to do with strategy but here are two that deal with negotiating tactics.

4. Always make a low offer - Never accept the sticker price

5. Don't get sucked into optional extras - If you really want an optional extra get it later when you can afford it or you have cooled off a bit.

Want the insider's edge on your next car purchase? Get inside the dealer's playbook of persuasion with these []car buying tips from []Taking The House Edge.

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If you want to attend the West Michigan Auto Auction tomorrow, just let me know, and we'll come and pick you up.

Exactly what area is the auto auction in Michigan located?

Car Buying Strategy That Works - Drive a Better Deal at the Car Dealership

By Denzil De Vries

After your home, you will probably find that buying a car is your largest purchase. That's why it is important to save a bit of money on the deal and also why most people are tentative about buying a car. They are anxious that they will be smart talked into something that costs too much or is not what they want. Following this car buying strategy outlined below might help you avoid ending up with this outcome.

First up, know what car you want and what a reasonable price is for that particular model. Get informed. Information is power when it comes to negotiating. Not only will it give you confidence but it will help you weed out the salespeople that are trying to put themselves and their own needs before you the customer.

When you can talk to the salesperson on a relatively even playing field then shake the field up a little. Make the dealer more desperate to sell than you are to buy. To be honest that is quite easy to do as that is the dealers job but it is even easier to do at certain times of the week, month and year. If you can do your car shopping at the optimal point in the year, you will have more negotiating leverage.

When you are assured that you have optimal negotiating leverage, don't be afraid to push a little. Be cheeky with that first offer. Ask for extras at no cost. Don't be influenced by the disdain or other looks you may get from the salesperson. There is another car lot across the road, pay them a visit instead. You may be surprised how they change their tune when you start to walk off.

Remember, the best car buying strategy you can use is to get informed, get optimal negotiating leverage and be assertive when negotiating.

Want the insider's edge on your next car purchase? Get inside the dealer's playbook of persuasion with these []car buying tips from []Taking The House Edge.

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Have you guys had a chance to see what the Michigan public auto auction has in it's inventory?

Don't even think about going to that car dealership until you had a chance to check out the Michigan auto salvage auction.

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