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Sacramento County Restaurant
Voted "Citrus Heights
Best BBQ" For :
2006, 2007, & 2008!"

8128 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA. 95610

(916) 308-4950

(Click on menu to see full size) "It Must Be the Sauce!" A Southern Komfort Cafe. Serving Sacramento County for over 10 years... Give us a call today!!

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Try our Beef Tri-tip Barbecue pork spareribs barbecue chicken fried chicken, barbecue sandwiches: BBQ chicken beef tri-tip & hot links. Baked beans special recipe macaroni & cheese spicy rice seafood salad potato salad fruit salad banana pudding peach cobbler sweet potato pie. You can also ask about Breakfast catering buffet food.

Great for business with large and small companies. All types of company events Weddings. Talk to someone about our wedding ideas menu. Sample menus for parties private services are available on request. Quality sandwiches. Located in Sacramento California CA. One of the lowest costs reception full service gourmet off premise Soul Food catering. Other options: holiday local lunch catering outside party commercial catering and much more!

Sacramento caters
caterers in Sacramento

I heard that was definitely a great Sacramento catering company.
catering service Sacramento

Serving: Sacramento Citrus Heights Roseville Rocklin Carmichael El Dorado Hills Granite Bay Natomas Auburn Antelope West North Highlands Del Paso Heights Rancho Cordova, and the greater Sacramento area. * Catering location varies throughout california. Please contact us for details. Depending on your location and the size of your party, we may travel to the following destinations:

New Sacramento California restaurants. Clayton Sonoma Big Bend Tara Hills El Sobrante Oakville Walnut Creek Isleton Boyes Hot Springs Fetters Hot Springs El Verano Agua Caliente Clyde Bay Point Port Costa West Pittsburg Crockett.

Pittsburg Pacheco Concord Rodeo, Winters, Rio Vista Four Corners Yountville Pleasant Hill Hercules Antioch Vineburg Pinole Oakley Rutherford Lafayette San Pablo Davis Courtland Eldridge Orinda Kensington San Best Restaurants In Sacrametno Francisco Brisbane Daly City South San Francisco Sausalito San Bruno Belvedere Tiburon Piedmont Emeryville Millbrae Alameda San Quentin.

Albany Pacifica Corte Madera Burlingame Mill Valley Richmond Berkeley El Cerrito Larkspur Sacramento CA Restaurants Oakland San Pablo Canyon San Rafael Greenbrae Kentfield Montara Moss Beach El Granada Emeryville Hayward.

caterers BBQ barbecue & Creole style food. Restaurants In Sacramento CA. Our favorite place to go when searching for Midtown Sacramento resturants. This is one of the best Sacramento street restaurants in the area.

Hopefully, we'll be able to go to brunch tomorrow.
The BBQ Menu is so good there. I can't wait.
We are trying to do this on a cheap wedding budget.
Did you find any unique ideas we could use?
planning a celebration should not be that difficult.
I wonder how long the ceremony will be.
I already looked for the best place to have receptions.

We were referred to this company for the great cakes they make.
I wonder what type of centerpieces they have available.
That would actually be a really nice pair of venues.
I think that is probably one of the best locations.
They had so many dresses available.

If we can, let's see what's on the BBQ Menu.
cheap wedding decorations
cheap wedding favors
cheap wedding invitations
They gave away so much free stuff.

They will probably look for catering with a Soul Food Wedding Menu.
We've looked into 4 different Sacramento Brunch Catering Companies.
Is there even any BBQ In Roseville CA?
Best Sacramento restaurants serving canapes.
Lotus is a great place to eat.
That was the best Sacramento party I'd ever been to.

Have you ever even been to Enotria before?
I heard The Firehouse is a Sacramento favorite.
I've been to Ella and tried their food. You should give it a go.
Do you mind if we go to get canapes and a Rice Bowl for lunch?
These are the Top Restaurants in the area.
The Sacramento party starts at around seven.

I heard those are the Top 10 Restaurants in Sacramento County.
Grange is great. You should take your family there to see for yourself.
Are there any catering services in Sacramento?
I called the Sacramento Wedding catering services company.
Do they provide party services?

Their event services are the absolute best.
I heard that they have now started to offer buffet services.
Please do not let the cheap prices fool you. They are great.
Do they provide buffet services for at home?
We will need a company that will provide San Francisco catering services.
Do we even know how long the Sacramento party will go on for?

What great places are would you consider eating out at in Sacramento?
Wouldn't it be cool if this place had a San Francisco Cafe?
I heard that the Waterboy was a really cool choice.
Have you heard of Charthouse bef0re?
We went to American Steakhouse. I was so good.

This is by far one of the best Fair Oaks restaurants I've ever been to.

Natural, Or Organic Food: Sacramento

I would like to cover every aspect of this topic. In order to keep things short I have only included the major topics detailed as good as possible.

Even if you've got your mind all made up to eat only natural and organic foods, it may be more difficult than you envisioned. Along with the want to eat the best food you can get your hands on, you also have to have the budget to afford it.

Yes, the accessibility of natural foods has gotten a whole lot better in recent times. The cost of such foods have also come down quite a bit. The prices for most people looking to get a little organic flavor in their lives are still far too high for the average family to incorporate these foods into their diets.

This means that for most consumers, there has to be a pretty good reason to want to go out and change your lifestyle for the better. I guess your financial situation and your desire to purchase better meals for you and your family both play a pretty significant role in making this decision.

Stay tuned for part 2...

Conserve Water Easily

You probably live in a neighborhood where people water their lawns religiously. Some people I know actually water theirs up to 3 times a day! This, along with other events, such as population growth, causes water shortages. We all take water for granted and think there is a limitless supply.

These problems cause some places to have to get water from elsewhere, at higher prices. It's a good idea to do whatever you can in order to conserve water where you live. Not only can you help your neighborhood, but you can also save a little cash at the same time. Here's some ideas...

Do you ever put a few articles of clothing in the washing machine? Or maybe you put a few dishes in your dishwasher and put it on the full blast cycle. By waiting until these machines are filled to the max, you can save thousands of gallons of water. Wash dishes in the sink, or wash clothes by hand if you absolutely need them and cannot wait until you can wash a full load.

When it comes to your plants, getting things started in the Fall is the best time. This way, you can get them growing early, and don't have to use as much water, given there is usually more rainfall during that time period. Another way to conserve water is to use material around your plants that actually retain water and moisture. This will limit waste, and keep your vegetation healthy. One unique way to reuse water is by using the same water that you use around the house, on your plants and gardens. Examples include reusing water from your fish tank and possibly non chlorinated pools. These bodies of water contain nutrients and other elements that can be good for vegetation.

Another way to use conservation when dealing with water that many people overlook, is preventing your faucets to drip or leak. Once you notice the amount of water being wasted with these problems, you may be interested in preventing them to conserve and to save money. There are several things you can do to check for indoor and outdoor leaks. You can check sinks, toilets, sprinkler systems, and refrigerators to name a few.

A lot of newer properties find ways to prevent this waste. However, older homes and businesses can be guilty of having these problems. Old shower heads and appliances can all be suspect and subject to replacement. Taking shorter showers is an example of something you can do immediately.

Sacramento Cafe Restaurants
That was the last Sacramento party I had attended.

Catering Ideas You Can Use Now

When it comes to organizing a catering event, there is a lot of work to be done. If not done right, a very stressful situation can be the outcome. You might think a catering company takes care of most of the work. Only half of the labor is done by the company. Your duties consist of doing research, and making sure that you have the right food and the perfect company. Whether your catering job is big or small, it has to turn out just as planned.

What is going to be on the menu for everyone to eat? Should it be something casual and informal such as BBQ? Should it be a more sophisticated dish, such as Gumbo or Jambalaya? Is it for a birthday party or a wedding? Whatever the occasion, make sure the food suits the crowd. More importantly, be sure they'll love the food.

For a more social event, appetizers are usually a pretty good choice when it comes to making everyone comfortable. The guests can relax and get warmed up for the main course. This will also aid in helping everyone get to know one another if it's a networking type of gathering.

The same concept can be adopted for the dessert. Based on what type of gathering you're having, the treat after dinner may be basic, such as a cake, or something more eloquent. Whatever you decide, get a feel for what your guests may be interested in so they will more than likely enjoy it.

In short, do a background check to make sure the company that does catering services for you is reputable. Have they won any unique awards recently? Do they have happy customers that can vouch for the fact that they've been professional and reliable? It also would not be a bad idea to get some sort of sampler plate before you decide on booking your event. A little common sense can go a long way.

Don't be shy in asking the company you have in mind for advice on some ideas for your event. They're professionals, and if they are good at their job, they should have more than enough ideas and suggestions for you to take advantage of in order to make your catering event one of the most memorable...

The Restaurant Oil Dilemma

When it comes to running a restaurant, there is a problem few owners can avoid; what to do with the oil that comes from all of the food that is cooked. What can you do with used oil? Well, obviously, you can't just go out and dump it in the trash. At least you should not do this. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help solve this problem. You may even make a little cash out of it.

Usually, most people who think of where to put used oil for disposal, think of taking it to a company that provides this service. Your options may vary depending on where you live. You can simply take this route, or you can pay to have it taken care of as a last resort.

Where do you start? Who do you call? Well, you can simply flip through the phone book. Or you can go online like you're doing now. By entering a few keywords, you should be able to find a solution near you. Call and ask around. As stated earlier, you may be fortunate enough to make a profit from your used oil.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure. Several services will actually give you cash to get your used waste. They then more than likely sell it themselves to make a profit. This oil can then be recycled and reused. Additionally, you can take advantage of the new bio fuel technology that a lot of companies, including car companies, are now implementing. They can also be recycled for traditional purposes. These prices are usually payed by the barrel. At the end of the day, you get something for waste you would usually not ever need.

Our environment is precious. Many people are interested in doing what they can to help the environment become greener. An increasing number of people want to do their part to make the Earth a better place to live. As stated earlier, cars and other vehicles can use this fuel rather than the traditional gasoline we are so accustomed to. This can have a huge impact on the carbon dioxide released into the planet's atmosphere. For them, this can also be financially rewarding. You can pay less for the fuel that runs your automobile, and help the environment at the same time. For most people, knowing you did a great thing for the environment is rewarding to know, regardless of whether or not they get compensated for it.

We all know that it's part of the circle of life to use the resources we have to survive on. However, there is good that can come out of it. Don't just throw your used oil into the trash. It usually is not legal, and generally doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe this article gave you a little motivation to look around and see what other things in life you can do in order to help your business and your planet at the same time...

Restaurants in Sacramento

Does that Sacramento party company still exist, or did they just relocate?

Recent comments:

That is probably the best Sacramento catering company in town.
We need someone to find a Sacramento Catering company for us.
We just had our Satellite Dish TV installed.
I'm not that far from New Jersey, so I'm going to visit the NJ auctions tomorrow.
As soon as we get to Pennsylvania, we're going to check out the PA auto auctions.
As soon as we get out to Baltimore, we'll see what's at the Maryland auctions.
I was in Georgia, so I had to see what was in store at the Atlanta auctions selection.
I've already been to all of the Ohio auctions in that area.
Search for the best Sacramento restaurants to take care of the catering.
That is the best Citrus Heights catering company I've ever tried.
The Sacramento catering services from that company were the best so far.
We are going to have a Sacramento wedding in May.
I did not know they had Sacramento barbecue that was that good.
The Sacramento food company was so great during our event.
Do you know where we should book the Sacramento service?
That's one of my favorite El Dorado Hills Restaurants.
Could you please do some research on Carmichael catering services?
That was the last of the Sacramento companies to call.
I couldn't believe how good the Sacramento caterers were.
If you're in the Sacramento area, try this Sacramento BBQ company.
We had a blast in Downtown Sacramento last night.
I haven't been in West Sacramento for the longest time.
Catering in Sacramento has been such a great experience.
I'm not paying sticker price. Let's go to the Cars Auctions and see what they have.
I need to find some decent Chevy Discounts before I buy anything.
Next time we will find someone who does Catering in Sacramento.
The business is located in Sacramento CA.
Don't forget that we have to book the event with that Sacramento Reception company.
This is my favorite of all the Folsom Restaurants in the area.
I had no idea there was so many Roseville Restaurants to choose from.
Where is the best company to hire for Roseville catering services?
Next time we can try one of the Old Sacramento restaurants you like.
Which do you think is the Best Sacramento CA. restaurant?
I don't know. It's one of the best Restaurant Sacramento options.
When is the last time you went to an Ohio Auto Auction?
If you're in the Golden State, that is the best California Auto Auction to attend.
When the next Michigan Auto Auction is selling cars, please let me know so I can see what they have available.
You got that Corvette at the Houston Auto Auction? I am so jealous!
The NJ Auto Auction near our house is the best place to look before you go to the dealership.
In Georgia, the only place anyone ever talks about is the famous Atlanta Auto Auction, which has a huge selection of beautiful cars and trucks.
Catering Sacramento area.
I heard they are one of the great Sacramento party catering companies out there.

Sacramento Restaurant & Delivery Menu
Sacramento Catering Services & Event Menu

Did they cater for the last Sacramento party we attended for John?

Four Kinds of Best Foods in Autumn
By Lv Hongyu

First, the best nut--peanut
The content of protein in a peanut kernel is up to 26%, which is two times of that in wheat. What's more, it is easily absorbed by the body. Peanut contains 40% of fat, in which the unsaturated fatty acids account for more than 80%. The nutritional value of peanut is higher than that of the grains and it can be comparable with eggs, milk, meat and some other animal foods.

Cooked peanut not only is easy to digest and absorb, but also plays an important role in health care. Peanut can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, promote the neogenesis of platelets, strengthen the contracting function of the capillaries, treat thrombocytopenia, prevent the hemorrhagic disease, etc. What's more, peanut also has the effects of lowering blood pressure and adjusting cholesterol.

The best vegetable: lotus root
During the autumn, the weather is very dry, so eating some lotus root can play the role of replenishing the vital essence and removing heat, moistening the dryness and quenching the thirst, as well as purifying the heart and soothing the nerves. Meanwhile, lotus root is warm in nature and has the function of contracting the blood vessel, so it can also nourish the lung and blood.

Read Full Story...


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