Restaurants In Old Sacramento :If You are In Old Town, You're Not Too Far...

Restaurants In Old Sacramento:

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Samantha sat in her penthouse with her 3 longtime girlfriends. They sat and watched the top 20 most popular music videos of all time as the day dragged on. She turned to the girls and said, "I haven't been to Old Sacramento in ages. I think I'm in the mood for a little different scenery. How bout you girls?" They agreed, grabbed their purses, and shot out the door.

As they drove in Samantha's Lexus, the girls argued over what station to listen to, what way was the fastest to get there, and at which restaurant they would eat at. The arguement escalated into a small pushing match, where two of the girls ended up on the ground in a parking lot in Old Sacramento...

Samantha shouted, "Look, this is silly! I'll decide where we eat, and you two can stop acting like babies...The group settled in a low key spot in Old Sacramento, and hugged while waiting for their food. "This is more like it!" said Samantha. These are the girls I'm used to...

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Restaurant Old Town Sacramento :

Restaurant In Old Sacramento : Restaurants In Old Town


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