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Maybe we will hire that company if they do Corporate Catering.

*This was a suggestion by one of my good friends. She lives in Sacramento County, and told me this was one of the best restaurants in Sacramento CA.

Click here for more information...

*I did a search for Sacramento restaurants, and came up on one of the restaurants that I forgot all about. I guess I'm headed there shortly...

*That's one of our final choices for the catering companies.

More choices...

Option #2...

Option #3...

Option #4...

Option #5...

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*I also love several of the Mexican restaurants in Sacramento CA.

*There are at least Sacramento ca Chinese restaurants that I love to go to every now and then.

*I have been looking for good Sacramento CA Italian restaurants ever since I've moved to the city. The only place I've been to so far is the Olive Garden.

(Story) :

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Alexis was a professional aerobics instructor. It's no surprise that Jane Fonda was her role model growing up. As she guided her class through a set of exercises, she shouted, "1 and, 2 and, 3 and...Now, I want everyone to hold it right there. Breathe in, breathe out...

As her class continued their exercising, she slipped out the back door. Counting to herself, she jogged through the parking lot as if she was just starting out a marathon. She was on a mission.

10 minutes later, she returned. Her students were laying on the floor in pain. "And, down!" she exclaimed, as if she had been counting the whole time. She held a white bag in her hand, and one of her sweaty students asked her what was in it. "Oh, a take out order from Center Court Restaurant", she said with a grin. "They have the best dessert!"

We will definitely need services in Sacramento:

So who will do the Sacramento catering and food?:

The caterers we hired last year were excellent.

Can someone recommend at least one Sacramento caterer? :

Who is the best Roseville catering company around?
That was the absolute best Sacramento catering job I have ever been a part of.


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