BMW M3 For Sale : What's Within Your Budget?

Germany's BMW, Daimler see month-on-month sales improve, cautiously optimistic
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*Do you know anyone at all who has a used BMW M3 for sale?

*My neighbor has the most beautiful BMW M3 For sale. In about 2 weeks, hopefully it will be in my driveway...

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*I really like the e46 m3 ever since I saw my cousin Frank cruising around in one.

*My favorite is actually the e36 m3. I would love to have that car in a pearl color.

*My dad said he doesn't like the m3 cars. He must be crazy not to see how gorgeous those vehicles are.


Associated Press

Last update: July 7, 2009 - 1:21 PM

FRANKFURT - German luxury carmakers BMW and Daimler said their June sales slipped lower from a year ago, but the overall decline slowed. Both companies said they were cautiously optimistic that market may start to improve sooner than later.

Munich-based BMW AG said its group car sales for June dropped nearly 13 percent as the global recession continued to cut into demand, but the figure was an improvement on the 18 percent decline the maker of the 3-Series and Z4 roadster saw in May.

BMW, whose brands include Mini and Rolls Royce, sold, 127,546 cars in June, compared with 146,136 a year ago.

"There are the first indications of a slight recovery on the automobile markets. It remains to be seen whether this trend will be sustained," Ian Robertson, a BMW sales and marketing official said. "In the first half of the year, we were able to gain market share in the global premium segment, as we had planned."

BMW's sales were strong in China, which saw sales up 44 percent in June.

In the U.S., the world's largest car market, BMW saw sales decline more than 20 percent in June, although the company was able to increase its market share.

Stuttgart-based Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz Cars division saw 7 percent lower sales in June, an improvement from the 12 percent decline it reported in May.

The company said the Mercedes-Benz Cars group — made up of the Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach brands — sold 111,300 cars in June compared with 119,300 a year ago.

The Mercedes-Benz brand had 100,300 cars sold last month, a drop of 5.4 percent from last year, while Smart sold 11,000 cars for the month, a decline of 17 percent compared with June 2008.

"The development of sales in June exceeded our expectations," said Klaus Maier, a Daimler sales and marketing official in a statement.

"We expect to see our sales stabilize in the second half of 2009," he said.

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Used cars are not hard to find these days. You can easily locate them in the classified ads of your local publication, the yellow pages, the Internet and of course in several show rooms scattered around your area.

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A novice buyer would have the tendency to look at the exteriors rather than the running condition of the vehicle. Well everybody would have to agree that a shiny and smooth car leaves a better impression than the one with a dent. But if the smooth and shiny car's engine is faulty, it may not be worth it. Keep this in mind, a paint job is usually so much cheaper than a complete engine overhaul.

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