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Farmers develops ‘green’ homeowners insurance policy
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Farmers Insurance Group is introducing a new “green’ coverage option for Texas homeowners that will encourage customers to repair damaged homes using eco-friendly building materials.

Customers who add Farmers’ “Eco-Rebuild” option to their homeowners’ policies will have access, as part of claims, to $25,000 to rebuild or replace a home using “green” materials, upgrade qualified homes to meet Energy Star requirements and be reimbursed for recycling debris rather than disposing of it.

Jeff Reinig, senior vice president of home product management for Farmers, says the company is working to give earth-conscious consumers an option previously not available to them in Texas.

“This is quite literally an investment in our global future and we are excited to be the industry leaders,” he says.

Farmers is making the Eco-Rebuild option available in 29 states altogether, including Texas.

Los Angeles-based Farmers is the nation’s third-largest personal lines property and casualty insurance group. Farmers provides homeowners, auto, business, life insurance and financial services to more than 10 million households. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services.

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