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Cronkite the 'face of television news' area resident says

Area residents hail the CBS broadcaster as a ‘pioneer,’ ‘face of television news.’(Story Below Options)

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(Story) :

By Danielle Wilson, Staff Writer 2:35 AM Saturday, July 18, 2009

MIDDLETOWN — As news broke of the death of revered broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, area residents remembered the man for his honesty.

“He was the face of television news,” said Ray Guntle, 62, of Centerville who was in Middletown Friday, July 17, for the MidFirst Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Guntle and his wife, Cathy, said they were shocked to learn the former “CBS Evening News” anchor had died Friday at age 92.

Ray Guntle said the renowned journalist had a credibility that today’s broadcasters have to work hard to attain.

“He was a good, honest reporter,” said 76-year-old Betty Streibich, who recalled Cronkite emotionally breaking the news of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Streibich, of Trenton, also was at Middletown’s Smith Park, where she was joined by friends and family for the festival.

“He was a pioneer,” said Louis Hall, 42, of Cincinnati, also at the festival with family members.

As word spread among attendees, the Ohio Challenge for some momentarily morphed into a time for people to reflect on the life and work of Cronkite, who was known as “the most trusted man in America.”

As many attendees recalled his delivery of big news events, it appears Cronkite won’t easily be forgotten.

In Ray Guntle’s words, “He certainly left us a legacy.”


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