Sacramento BBQ Catering, BBQ Pork Ribs, BBQ Beef, Oh My!...

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That is a great Spare ribs recipe.
Who is responsible for that delicious baby back ribs recipe?
I have been wanting barbecue for about a month now...

BBQ Catering, BBQ Pork Ribs, BBQ Beef, Oh My!...

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How To Make A Great Potato On The Grill That Will Make Your Mouth Water...
By L. Seals

You can do hundreds of different things with the amazing potato. Usually, people want to bake a potato when it comes to the preparation. That is probably the most popular way. Not to mention it tastes great with pretty much any dish. However, there are other ways you can cook the awesome potato.

When you think Sunshine, outdoors, and food, you usually think BBQ grill. It's what millions of people do every year. Have you ever prepared a baked potato on the grill? You may like it more than you think. Here's some ideas.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do this. You will want to thoroughly clean the potatoes you use first. That way you don't get any extra surprises in your food! You will then want to put the potatoes into foil and wrap them individually to keep the moisture in.

However, that's not where you end. Don't just dump the potato into the foil. A good idea is to
add a little oil inside also. This will keep the potato nice and soft, and when you are ready to eat it, it will not be dried and crumbly.

Ready to add the flavor? The sky is the limit when it comes to this part. Whatever your tastes crave, make it happen. Add the seasonings in with the oil and place the potatoes onto the grill and wait for a great treat.

You don't want to overcook anything you grill, so you may want to place the potatoes around the edge of the BBQ pit. Make sure that it is close enough to the center that it gets sufficient heat though. Give it anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and your ready to enjoy. To be certain the potato will taste just as you like it, poke a fork or toothpick into the middle, and see if it is soft enough to slide in.

That's a really good business.
Next time we come to Orange County, we'll have to stop by there.
I didn't know they had one of these places in NH.
The caterering company was just great.

Do the cateres there have experience with a group this big?
Great for Sacramento Wedding Venues!
The meat is great, but the sauce is even better.
Do we have any BBQ sauce we can add to the meat on the grill?

That BBQ was so good. I can't wait to go back.

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Is there any way we can take a bottle of that BBQ sauce home?
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My favorite of all the meats is the BBQ Tri-tip.
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Barbecue spare ribs are pretty good also.
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