Award Winning Barbecue Sauce ! Better Than Homeade...

Barbecue Sauce That's Better Than Homeade...

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*I heard that barbecue sauce was really good. Without it, the meat
would have probably been just average at best.
*That Texas Barbecue sauce is really great. I think that's how it was made to taste.
*This was the best barbecue sauce I could find so far.

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The Different Kinds Of Barbecue Sauce For BBQ
By LW Seals

Your mind is the only thing holding back your imagination when it comes to the various possibilities with barbecue sauce. This is a big part of the flavor that comes with your favorite barbecue dishes. There's sweet, tart, spicy, and others. Based on what part of the country you grew up in, you may think that a barbecue sauce recipe is supposed to taste a specific way. Some thick, some watery, some hot, some mild.

The base of most BBQ sauce is fairly basic. Along the way, various spices and herbs have been added to create a distinct taste depending on what area the sauce was created in. Down South, you may be accustomed to a sugary, sweetness. In Texas, you may find more of a kick to the sauce you marinate your meats in. Many peppers of all types find their way in. The same can be said about how the barbecue is prepared. Everyone tries to leave their own unique stamp on it.

Some may consist of molasses as a starting point, and then a little vinegar flavoring can be added to enhance the spices. This is widely the most popular type, usually with an added thickness. This sauce may actually be added after the meat is grilled, as opposed to being added before as a marinade. The sugar in the recipe is known for creating a glaze that add an extra dimension to the flavor of the barbecue.

Some types will add more of a mustard base to the recipe. Because of the flavor and tart taste of mustard, along with the added spices, this can bring out the best in pork especially, which tends to easily be smoked.

On the West Coast, you may find that more sauce recipes include a tomato base. There may also be vinegar and other spices added to give a tang flavor to the sugar and other ingredients. This can go well with most meats, but especially the premium meats such as steaks like tri=tip roasts.
This type of sauce can be either thin or thick, and can vary from mild to spicy.

Other traditions of barbecue sauce abound, from Tennessee whiskey sauces to Louisiana hot sauces, to nouveau sauces using exotic ingredients such as mangoes, soy sauce, peanuts, or even fruits and fruit juices. Not just that, more and more new influences continue to develop and enhance the barbecue sauce. Clearly, it is not yet the end of the road for the barbecue sauce!

There are other barbecue sauce recipes that add all types of spices and seasonings to the blend. Fruits, peanuts, garlic, and onions are all common in the recipes of barbecue sauce. The exciting thing is that with so many possibilities for the combination of spices, vegetables, fruits, and seasonings, there are virtually limitless mixtures of flavor and excitement...

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That vinegar barbecue sauce is so good, but I can't wait to try the honey barbecue sauce.
That is the most delicious white homemade barbecue sauce I've ever tasted.
That is definitely an original flavor barbecue sauce. If you ever get the chance, see if you can get
the ingredients to that stuff.
That sauce is good for chicken, ribs, and most pork meats.
You have got to show me how to make that great tasting barbecue sauce.
This reminds me of that NC barbecue sauce.


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