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The Art of Marinating Your Foods.

To really bring the flavor out in the foods you cook, you may want to soak it in a marinade. This makes the food more tender, and the flavor can soak into the meat giving it more flavor. The ingredients usually include acids such as lemon juice, wine, and other favored liquids to assist in this process.

Obviously, you want to add your favorite seasonings into your marinade. There is usually some form of oil included in the recipe. This creates the ultimate dining experience. The result is tender and seasoned meat where the contents of the marinade has gotten into the cracks of the meat.

When you talk about a good sauce to soak your meats in, foods such as fish and poultry benefit the most from this practice, because the meat seems to be a lot more tender and easy to seep into the food. Other meats tend to be harder to penetrate.

One good method is to make sure the meat is in smaller pieces. This way, it is easier to cover the area with flavor. Keep in mind that when the portion sizes are smaller, you must pay more attention to how long you marinade the meat. You don't want to have the food dry out or become tough because you allowed the natural juices to be pushed out. Half an hour to an hour is good for fish items. Poultry can be set in longer to around 120 minutes. Pork and beef items can sustain much longer periods of marinating, sometimes as long as a day or longer.

The best way to accomplish your goal is to place the food and marinade into a glass or stainless-steel dish. Other containers can cause undesired results. Changes in color can occur from marinating your food in the wrong type of dish.

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